6 Welded Gift Ideas

You know much about welding and have enough skills, but still, you don’t know where to practice it?

Here are 6 ideas where you can use your welding skills as well as create something funny and useful.

By taking a few easy steps, the welded items may become a gift for the upcoming holidays or decorate your home.

Scrap Metal Doorbell

If you have any old argon cylinders which you aren’t going to use, you can create a unique doorbell for your home.

Before you start, prepare a steel rod and plate, a drill, bits, and an angle grinder with cutting and flap discs.

Remember that cylinders you use haven’t contained flammable gas and doesn’t have pressure inside.

First, remove the valve of the cylinder and  its bottom with cutting.

Second, use the angle grinder to make it clear from paint and then make a hole in the center with a drill – it will become a rod.

Third, take a piece, cut and bend it and attach the bell to the steel plate with it to be able to put it on the wall later.

After that, cut one more piece which will be used to ring the bell with.

Finally, weld the details together and coat with an anti-corrosive solution.

Gift Idea: This original bell could be a perfect gift for those of your friends and relatives, who are fans of country style.

Industrial Pencil Holder

For this item, you will need to have a square tube, a 12-gauge sheet and spray paint.

Also, you’ll need tools like files, a hacksaw, and a bench vise.

And a welding machine, of course.

To start with, divide the tube into four parts by cutting – each will serve as a holder for pens and pencils.

Then, file the upper and bottom parts of each part.

Make a base from the steel sheet and weld it to pieces later.

Gift Idea: Such industrial pencil holder might be a cool gift for some of your new friends at welding school.

Scrap Metal Box

Creating such an item can help you to practice your MIG welding skills. 

All you need is just a ⅛” steel from any scrap yard (if you want, you can take steel of different size up to you).

Besides, you’ll need tools like plasma cutter, clamps, sander, soapstone marker, and measurement devices.

Initially, take measurements from the base and sides of the box and mark spot for cutting with soapstone.

Followed by, cut 2 short and 2 long sides with a plasma cutter.

Consequently, mark them with a soapstone marker and make them smooth with a vertical belt sander.

After you’ve taken all the previous steps, line up the base and side parts with magnetic clamps.

In the end, weld everything with MIG welding machine.

Finish with cleaning and polishing.

Gift Idea: Present this metal box to a person who likes to keep everything in order.

Metal Heart

Making such an item is a simple way to repurpose an old bike chain into a cute thing.

Everything you need is pliers and hammer or chain cutter.

Simply put, cut the chain, give it a heart-shape and weld both ends together.

Note that the size of the heart may be tiny as well as rather big to hang it on the wall.

Gift Idea: Make a romantic gift for your beloved person on Valentine’s Day.

Welded Picture Frame

At first glance, things like picture frames might seem too simple.

Although, they are still a good gift for friends or relatives.

You can make it from metal tubing and wrenches.

Likewise, try to make an ordinary flat frame by welding gauge steel together.

Gift Idea: Picture frames can be a good idea for a gift on Mother’s or Father’s Day.

Parents love to admire photos of the family, don’t they?

Make it unique using your painting skills.

Horseshoe Dutch Oven Holder

To make such a western-style item, you’ll need 3 horseshoes, a tin of enamel and 3 steel rods.

Follow the steps below:

  • Clean the horseshoes from dirt and dust and get them a triangle shape;
  • Connect the edges from each side using a welder;
  • Weld the steel rods at a 90-degree angle to the left tail of each horseshoe;
  • Smooth sharp ends and coat it with enamel.

Gift Idea: It is a perfect gift for your friends who often use a Dutch oven.

Obviously, such small welding projects develop your welding skills and creativity.

They don’t take much time, but bring a lot of fun and are also perfect as gifts.

This page is also available in Spanish.

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