Privacy Policy

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. It’s for this reason that we saw it fit to compile this privacy policy statement; so you can read through it all and find out how committed we are to protecting your privacy and some of the measures we’ve installed in place to ensure nothing is loose towards that end.

This policy is essentially meant to walk you through our process of collecting data from you, together with the reasons for collecting the data from you, and what we use the data for at the end of it all.

The Information We Receive on Our Website and What We Use it for

As with any website out there, we collect generic information from the visitors we attract on our site. This information is generally meant to help us gather vital data on how we can best improve our site.

Some of the data we collect is also meant to figure out how best we can make our online operations more effective.

So expect us to collect both demographic and statistical data on how our visitors use our website.

Read this bearing in mind that none of the information we collect identifies our user from an individual standpoint.

For instance, our web servers are designed to identify your IP address, the website you clicked through to get to our website, the time and date when you visited our website, together with the amount of time you spend on the website.

It’s to be however noted that none of the methods we employ is aimed at revealing specific details of your identity.

If anything, our privacy policy dictates that we at all time try keep our interactions private.

It bears repeating that we’re only interested in collecting generic data from you; with the sole aim of using the data we collect to figure out how we can best improve our site resources and functionalities for the best user experience.

Part of the information we collect is meant to help us diagnose if there’s any problem worth addressing from our servers.

Occasionally, we might use the data we collect to analyse our traffic sources.

The Information Collected by Ad Networks

By now you must have come across various ad networks on our site. It’s worth noting that some of these networks may be collecting non-personally identifying information from you.

This information is basically meant to help them serve you with the best ads relating to your particular interests.

While you have the option to stop receiving personalized advertisements, the generic advertisements on our site come with no option to opt out.

You’re however reminded that none of these advertisement networks has any access to any of the private information entrusted to us.

Users’ Comments

Our website allows users to comments on some of the posts we make. However, it’s upon the user to take full responsibility of the kind of information they leave behind particularly if includes their personal data.

We renounce any responsibility should a third party decide to use the information provided on our comment section for their own personal gain.

But even with this, we reserve the right to edit or remove any comment or some section of it should we find it inappropriate, spammy, or erroneous in any way.  

Links to Other Websites

Our website stacks loads of links leading to other sites.

Once a user clicks on any of these links to access the site, we disclaim any responsibility of how the other site handles your privacy concerns.

Meaning, you might want to start by reading the privacy policies of these sites before clicking on their corresponding link on our website to access them.

This page is also available in Spanish.

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