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A pipeliner, or Pipeline Welder, is one of the most needed professions in a variety of industries.

Pipeliners deal with assembling new pipes or repairing old ones.

They join and maintain pipelines for vessels, buildings, or separate pipes.

A pipeliner should be able to study the specifications and figure out the weld dimensions.

They should be able to use arc welders or other similar equipment to perform the job. 

They deal with various processes and welding equipment and work in commercial or industrial areas. 

Pipeliners should be apt and skillful to handle pipe welding properly.

Pipeliner’s Responsibilities

  • Welding of pipeline systems to compile, maintain, or repair the piping.
  • Processing of pipe elements by cutting, reshaping, arranging, etc.
  • Assembling the pipeline saddles and similar parts.
  • Ability to weld and maintain the operating pipelines.
  • Upkeep of the tools, welding equipment, the service vehicle.

Education and Practice

Pipeliners need to be well-trained but a college degree isn’t mandatory.

The education of a successful pipeliner can involve:

  • High-school diploma or similar certification.
  • Associate degree (pipeline welding, metal processing, etc.).
  • Apprenticeship.

Having specialized certificates are encouraged:

  • Certificates in welding, pipe welding, metal processing, etc.
  • Previous experience with pipe welding.

Essential Know-How

  • Strong skills in the mechanical and mathematical field.
  • Flexible, easily adapting to new working conditions.
  • Being self-sufficient as well as a good team player.
  • Ability to adapt to working under various weather conditions.
  • Reading and interpreting blueprints.
  • Understanding of welding techniques in the field.
  • Knowledge of pipeline elements.

Working Conditions

The work of a pipeliner can involve frequent traveling.

The pipeliner’s services may be required all over the world in crowded cities or distant uninhabited locations.

Pipeliners can also find the opportunity for shop work.

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