Welder Fabricator

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A welder fabricator is a person who specializes in manufacturing parts out of metal.

They merge metal parts into a product or pieces that will be used for a final product.

They bend, weld, cut and shape raw materials to make a part of a product or a complete unit.

Welder fabricators are skilled and trained to manufacture parts for ships, vehicles, machinery and more.

Responsibilities of a Welder Fabricator

Welder fabricators deal with manufacturing a wide variety of metal products.

Some of them require more skills than only welding.

The duties of a welder fabricator can include:

  • Processing of materials and pieces.
  • Fusing and installing the manufactured parts.
  • Fitting, welding, aligning with various methods.
  • Metal processing by various means.
  • Using and applying blueprints, specifications, technical drawings of the metal products.
  • A variety of field related responsibilities.

Required Education and Certification

Usually, welder fabricators aren’t required to have special education and can learn on the job.

However, they can take special courses.

The following may be required:

  • High-school diploma or GED.
  • Certification in metal fabrication, metallurgy, etc.
  • Mentorship program.

Advanced education is highly valued:

  • Associate or college degree in metal fabrication, metal processing, etc.
  • Appropriate experience.


  • Mathematical skills.
  • Reading and understanding blueprints, specifications, etc.
  • Readiness and ability to solve problems.
  • Critical and analytical thinking.

Work Conditions

Welder fabricators work mostly in a workshop utilizing various equipment.

Work in the field or traveling can be involved occasionally.

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