Welding Supervisor

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Welding Supervisors are experts who possess management qualities and have solid experience in welding processes.

They are aware of welding economics and can plan, monitor and carry out welding projects according to safety protocols, budget, and schedule.

A welding supervisor works to improve productivity and quality of the products.

They can work in various areas that use welding as the principal focus of the manufacturing process.

Duties of a Welding Supervisor

  • Supervise the work performance of the welders.
  • Transfer the job requirements and expectations to the welders.
  • Interact with designers, customers, and shareholders to boost productivity, quality, and customer experience.
  • Monitor and organize manufacturing, safety, quality policies, and systems.
  • Guarantee that all welding projects meet the specifications before the revision.
  • Check and supervise the quality of welded materials according to the specifications.

Compulsory Education

The required education of a welding supervisor may include:

  • Associate or college degree in metallurgy, metal fabrication, welding, etc.
  • Bachelor’s degree in welding, industrial project management, technology engineering, etc.
  • Apprenticeship.

The following may be recommended:

  • Certificates in metallurgy, welding, metal fabrication, project management, etc.
  • Welding and management experience.
  • AWS Certified Welding Supervisor.

Required Skills

  • Close attention to details.
  • Leadership and mentoring qualities.
  • Improvement of welding efficiency and productivity.
  • Understand and interpret welding blueprints and drawings.
  • Expertise in welding process and safety.
  • Knowledge of project management.

Working Conditions

Welding supervisors work in production facilities or welding workshops.

Some fieldwork and travel can be involved.

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