Best Multi-Process Welders

People who work on different welding projects or are unsure about future tasks can invest in a multi-process welder.

A multi-process welder can accommodate MIG, TIG, and Stick welding discipline, perform plasma cutting, or any other welding discipline.

My reviews of best multi-process reviews can help you to choose the best welder for your needs, that will help to easily set and adjust the welder and complete any task in less time and with less effort.
There are multi-process welders on the market that are amazing in one discipline, but struggle to provide solid overall experience.
Here are the best options on the market at the moment, that can help you complete all most any project.

Highest Rated Best Multi-Process Welders (by Customer Reviews)

Everlast 2018 PowerMTS Multi-Process Welder
Everlast 2018 PowerMTS Multi-Process WelderSee prices on
Lotos CT520D 3-in-1 Combo Welding Machine
Lotos CT520D 3-in-1 Combo Welding MachineSee prices on
Lincoln Electric Multi-Process Welder
Lincoln Electric Multi-Process WelderSee prices on
ESAB Rebel EMP Multi-Process Welder
ESAB Rebel EMP Multi-Process WelderSee prices on
Forney 324 Multi-Process Welder
Forney 324 Multi-Process WelderSee prices on
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Everlast 2018 PowerMTS Multi-Process Welder

Everlast 2018 PowerMTS Multi-Process Welder
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The majority of MP welders can achieve excellent results in a single discipline.

However, not all of them are great all-around performers, such as this Everlast.

It is suitable for people who need more from their MP welder but has a limited budget for it.

The welder has HF, and lit start is compatible with stick welding, and has a digital inverter.

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  • It comes with spare consumable starter kit
  • Quick connect fitting
  • Quick setup
  • Portable


  • Poor customer service
Michael's TakeMichael's Take

This welder has excellent synergic MIG settings.

Moreover, it is amazing for stick welding due to the adjustable hot start and extensive power.

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Lotos CT520D 3-in-1 Combo Welding Machine

Lotos CT520D 3-in-1 Combo Welding Machine
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The Lotus welder can complete a lot of tasks.

It has a 50-amps plasma cutter, that is suitable for cutting through 1/2-inch metals.

Therefore, you can use it for steel, copper, aluminum.

If you plan to use it as a TIG welder, not that it is a DC only, so you cannot use it for aluminum.

Moreover, the design of this welder is great.

Further, it includes HF to start hand torch control.

The variable power output is from 15 to 200 amps of power.

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  • Can be used for deep weld pool and consistent shape
  • Easy to use
  • Quick setup


  • Hand pedal isn’t included
Michael's TakeMichael's Take

You can set this little Lotus welder in only one minute.

With a flip of a switch, the welder can accommodate three disciplines with relative ease – DC TIG/stick welding, and plasma cut.

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Lincoln Electric Multi-Process Welder

Lincoln Electric Multi-Process Welder
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The Lincoln Electric welder comes with a large, easy-to-read screen.

The screen will show you the most important information about use and settings.

Therefore, it is suitable for beginners and will allow anyone to improve its skills with this simple how-to-use guide.

The welder is equipped with several advanced safety features and has multiple variable settings.

It has dual-voltage input as well.

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  • Easy to use
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Simple access to advanced features
  • Lightweight
  • Includes Spool Gun


  • Pricey
Michael's TakeMichael's Take

Lincoln is always a safe choice when it comes to quality welders.

It is a bit pricier than some other models on the market, but the results and performance will justify the price tag.

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ESAB Rebel EMP Multi-Process Welder

ESAB Rebel EMP Multi-Process Welder
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This ESAB Rebel Welder includes MIG, Flux-Cored, Stick, and Lift TIG welding options.

It is a smart welder, that is quite intuitive and easy to set.

Operators get used to it very soon and adjust their welding techniques to achieve the best results.

With ESAB welder you can create a stable arc with great consistency.

Therefore, you can produce repeatable welds with the same quality.

The ESAB welder is suitable for professionals, and beginners can benefit from its simple use and great controls.

Check the current price on Amazon >>


  • Portable
  • Industrial strength design
  • Comes with a three-year warranty
  • Equipped with everything you need for welding


  • DC-only welder
Michael's TakeMichael's Take

The best thing about this multi-process welder is super easy arc starts.

Both beginners and experts can use it with great ease.

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Forney 324 Multi-Process Welder

Forney 324 Multi-Process Welder
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The Forney welder is a DC-only TIG welder, so if you plan to weld aluminum, you should stay away from it.

However, you can use the MIG gun instead of it.

When you look at it, it is easy to set and use MIG welder.

The spool sizes of 4-inches and 8-inches with diameters up to .035 can be used with it.

Further, the welder has an input power of 120V or 230 V and 1-phase.

The welder has been rated for maximum output of 190 amps.

Further, the welder has a duty cycle of 20%.

Check the current price on Amazon >>


  • Uses versatile inverter technology
  • Digital readouts
  • Great for a variety of tasks – home repairs, general metal fabrications, light home repairs
  • Synergic controls


  • Doesn’t include all you need for TIG welding
Michael's TakeMichael's Take

Forney makes excellent welding equipment at great prices.

It is easy to get used to it and achieve excellent results, especially in the MIG welding discipline.

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Best Multi-Process Welders Buying Guide

If you are wondering why to get a multi-process welder, you should know that those welders are extremely versatile and useful in a variety of fields and industrial use.

All-in-one welder can accommodate different welding and cutting discipline.

For example, MIG and TIG welding is part of all multi-process welders, no matter the prices.

Therefore, you can complete full projects without swapping the equipment.

Next, some welders come with additional features.

For example, Lincoln, Hobart, Miller, and Longevity offer an amazing combination that can be useful for a variety of projects.

The Most Popular Combinations

Let’s have a quick overlook of the most popular combinations seen in the multi-process welders!


Welders that support MIG, TIG, and Stick welding cove the most common welding projects.

They offer excellent results with relative ease and usually have an easy-to-use control panel.

Therefore, you can switch from the project to projects with a simple push of the button.


Instead of a Stick welding discipline, some welders support cutting.

Therefore, you can work with a variety of metals, and combine welding and cutting for the best results.


The TIG/Plasma and Stick combination is a unique option, seen in rare welders.

It is suitable for those who plan to weld some not so common materials, different from aluminum and steel.


Whatever option you think is most suitable for you, remember to check your power options.

Some multi-process welders come with dual plug – 110V and 220V, while others can use only one.

The next thing to do is check if your circuit can support your welder.

The majority of available welders need at least a 15-amp circuit.

Pros and Cons of Multi-Process Welder

In general, multi-process welder save space, because you don’t have to save for three (or more) machines.

One device can help you to complete different projects, for example, weld and cut.

However, one of the disadvantages of owning a multi-process welder is that the majority of welders usually don’t provide A/C TIG welding.

There are fewer welders whose job depends on A/C TIG welding, because the majority of them operate with a DC TIG welding discipline.

Some welders need time to switch from one to another discipline.

Sometimes, the operator needs to change the gas, unplug items, or plug in additional items to set the device for proper use in the new discipline.

Further, the brand-name companies offer quality welders and stand behind their products.

However, shipping the welder back for repair or maintenance takes time, and can leave fro without your welding equipment for days.

Also, your shipping costs may be high.

Some welders tend to have a smaller and cheaper welder, as a backup option if anything happens to their multi-process device.

Best Multi-Process Welding Combination

The majority of welders appreciate the welder that accommodate MIG, TIG, and Stick welding.

Plasma cutting instead of a stick welding discipline is also popular, but only for welders performing some specialized tasks or for hobbyists.

The largest number of multi-process welders on the market has been rated for 300 amps.

Still, they are quite affordable but more suitable for light to medium tasks.

If you know that you will need an advanced welder for heavy-duty use, you might need to get a specialized device for best results.

That is why it is important to check reviews to see how the welder performs in different projects.

Multi-Process Welders Price Range

Getting one welder that can support three disciplines is less expensive than buying three individual machines, but a TIG-only welder is definitely less expensive than a multi-process device.

If you need a welder with some basic features, you can expect to pay around $250.

However, more advanced multi-process welders usually cost around $2.000.

These are industrial-grade welders, that can tackle different applications and support multiple operators at the same time.

Home welders can cost somewhere around $800.


The best multi-process welder is your chance to tackle any task without heavy and bulky machines, with the help of only one device.

Therefore, refer to my reviews and use them as a guide to find the best combination for your needs.

Everlast, Lincoln, Forney, and other manufacturers focus on creating the most versatile products suitable for a variety of home and professional projects.

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