The Reasons For Becoming a Professional Welder

When the average skilled welder reaches retirement age, naturally, his employer is waiting for a decent replacement.

Thus, in 2008, more than a quarter of a million professional welders were in demand in the United States.

As in any other industry, old welders become mentors, instructors.

Industries are trying to create favorable conditions and opportunities for trained youth.

If most factories use machines for welding materials, they are still in need of human professionals to control the phases of the proceedings.

According to US statistics, the automated welding processes are going to increase by 20% in the nearest future.

Nevertheless, you can choose to weld as your better career for many reasons.

Growing Salaries

Welding is a good idea for a new career or a fundamental change in occupation.

If you are a humanist, but always felt a craving for mechanics, logic, work with hands, then a career as a welder is for you.

After all, you can see the mechanisms, structures, everything that you create together with a team of the same professionals.

Even if you want to show your pedagogical abilities in production, welding gives you the opportunity to be a manager, instructor, or quality controller.

If we compare the salaries of welders of different categories in the United States, the most experienced one earns $51,600.

The average salary is slightly less, namely $34,410.

The least experienced welder earns at least $22,680 a year.

Of course, it is much better to work abroad or travel.

Best of all, if you are a field welder at hazardous and remote sites, such as oil wells.

Then there is a chance to get from 50,000 to 185,000 dollars.

It is even better to be a military welder and receive between 160,000 and 200,000 dollars a year.

But for your skills in underwater welding, the employer will have to pay at least $100,000-$200,000.

Attractive Working Places

Becoming a professional certified welder, you can work at different stages of the procedure, in completely different industries:

  • building,
  • repair of military equipment,
  • contracting companies,
  • on the pipeline,
  • in the manufacturing and wholesale industries.

Most of all, welders are in demand in Wyoming.

However, the most popular welding jobs are in Texas (due to oil and shale), California and Pennsylvania.

Louisiana and Illinois are in the top five too.

Some non-traditional places of work for welders are a metal fabrication (repair and construction of racing equipment).

Besides, you can be an underwater welder.

After all, pipe welding might be a good place too.

You can work on a cruise ship to repair and provide maintenance of the pipe systems.

Or try anything from a water ship to space ship welding.

Specific and Challenging Tasks

No doubt, you can fulfill specific and challenging welding tasks.

After all, the welded structures are more reliable and strong than the bolted ones.

In the process of welding, you understand the drawings and dimensions.

Also, you know what a quality joint is.

You do not allow spoilage and deterioration of the welding materials.

As a welder, you will usually use different welding methods for different materials and parts.

Finally, you know the basics of metallurgy and mathematics.

With all of these advantages, you become a sought after professional.

You can choose one type of welding and become a specialist in it, or become a multidisciplinary welder.

An Easy Start

To work as a welder in any industry from the navy to aviation, you can start with a welding school.

Normally, welding schools in the US offer various programs from aircraft welding and pipe welding to thin alloy welding and structural welding.

After as little as half a year or so, you will get a certificate and start sending your CV to multiple companies where the welders are needed.

This page is also available in Spanish.

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