What Should A Beginner Welder Know?

It can take years to master the welding profession.

Only constant practice can guarantee you a new level of skill.

You can do it by using simple, time-tested tips.

Below are a few ideas, especially for beginners, to make their welding training more quick and simple.

Change the Puddle

The welding puddle forms as a result of melting of welded products and filler materials (electrodes).

During the welding process, the welding arc moves along the joined parts, constantly forming a welding puddle.

Accordingly, the shape and dimensions of the welding bath determine the shape and size of welds.

Therefore, it determines the performance characteristics of the resulting welded joints.

Pay Attention To The Good Storage Of Tools

The basis of TIG welding is the purity of rods and the surface material to create a solid weld.

It is a common way of storing filler rods in PVC coated pipes.

Sometimes colored covers can also help to distinguish which type of electrode is located when the pipes are moving.

Define the Right Travel Speed

The travel speed is set depending on the current, electrode diameter, melting speed, seam type, and other factors.

If the welding speed is too high, the welded rollers are narrow, with a small convexity, with large flakes.

Contrariwise, if the speed of the electrode is too slow, the welded roller is too convex, the seam is uneven in shape, with an influx of edges.

Calibrate Amperage And Electrode Size

It is better to start learning to weld with an electrode of a diameter of 2.5 – 3mm.

These are the most common electrodes in the “domestic” environment.

Thinner electrodes are used to weld very thin metal.

In this case, it is better to use semi-automatic welders with gas blowing off the welding place.

The industries rarely use electrodes of 4 – 5 mm.

And for welding, they require a powerful power grid which is not always available in the countryside.

Optimize Your Workspace

It is generally known that welding is a physically demanding job.

That’s why it is so important to organize the workspace properly to avoid injury.

First of all, it is necessary to find a stable and convenient working position in which you can stay for a while.

It is also possible to use hills to bring your work up to your level so that you can easily access it.

Sharp movements can cause muscles strain, so it is important to take breaks during work and not to overexert yourself.

This page is also available in Spanish.

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