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Large, modern, and full of opportunities, Huntsville is a great place to be in Alabama.

The economy of the city is in full development and it will give you countless job opportunities.

The education in this city is very high-quality and you will quickly find the ultimate program for your career choice.

Welders annual average salary in Alabama is $36,877 - ABOVE U.S. AVERAGE!

J F Drake State Community and Technical College

About the School

J. F. Drake State Community and Technical College is one of the best places to start your vocational education in the state of Alabama.

The college offers some of the best programs that are tailored following the job market trends and the needs of each industry.

You will find the campus and dorms very modern and comfortable and you will have the perfect context for learning and relaxing.

Courses Offered

The college is famous for its technical programs and welding is one of the superstars.

The certificate level program takes a few months and it will completely prepare you for your future job.

Graduates of the Welding program may become employed as a welder, cutter or welding machine operator.

Welders with additional training and experience may become employed as a welding technician, welding supervisor/inspector, or a welding instructor.

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AddressAddress: 3421 Meridian St N Huntsville, AL 35811

John C Calhoun State Community College

About the School

With the vast expertise and successful generations, John C. Calhoun State Community College is one of the best places to start a new career.

All the facilities are very modern and designed to answer all the needs of the students and educators.

With little help, you will manage to reach your full potential in a very short time. The school can also provide you financial assistance.

Courses Offered

The Welding Technology program at Calhoun prepares students with hands-on application and welding theory as well as the nature of metals and types of gases used.

The curriculum is designed to meet the minimum skill standards established by the American Welding Society (AWS) for entry-level welders.

Specific training includes Flux-cored Arc Welding (FCAW); Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW); Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW); Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW); and Plasma-arc cutting (PAC).

Students also complete coursework in blueprint reading, welding inspecting, testing principles, fabrication techniques, and robotic welding.

Calhoun’s program is approved by the National Coalition of Certification Centers (NC3) and Lincoln Electric Education Partner School (LEEPS).

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AddressAddress: 6250 U S Highway 31 N Tanner, AL 35671

Tennessee College of Applied Technology

About the School

Tennessee College of Applied Technology is the ultimate place to start a vocational or technical career.

You will discover the most modern labs and the best-trained trainers and teachers in the whole state.

The goal of the college is to give everyone the chance to a new career and a new future.

The educational board will guide you at every step from the first day to the moment you start working.

Courses Offered

The Welding Technology program prepares the student for certification in a variety of welding techniques and processes.

Students begin doing basic welding beads and progress step-by-step to achieve the final goal of pipe welding.

Progression is monitored and mastery of each technique is achieved by a combination of classroom, individual, and text book instruction.

Graduates of the Welding program will be able to demonstrate competencies in flame cutting, electric ARC welding, gas tungsten, gas metal ARC welding, and flux-cored ARC welding processes.

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AddressAddress: 1233 E College St Pulaski, TN 38478

George C Wallace State Community College

About the School

George C. Wallace State Community College is one of the best places to start a vocational or technical career.

The college provides the most modern labs and facilities in Alabama and you will have full access to the library and other study materials.

All educators and trainers are here to answer all your calls and needs and they were selected from the best professionals.

Courses Offered

Whether you are interested in hands-on welding or robotic operations, Wallace State’s popular Welding program offers the most up-to-date training in the field with outstanding student outcomes.

In addition to robotics, students also learn traditional techniques on equipment they will use in the workforce, performing stick welds, mig welds, flux core welds, aluminum welds, tig welds, pulse welds and many others.

Welding classes are offered at both the main campus in Hanceville and at the Oneonta Technical Center.

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AddressAddress: 801 Main St NW Hanceville, AL 35077

Gadsden State Community College

About the School

Modern and future-oriented, Gadsden State Community College provides one of the most diverse and well-designed curriculums and program list.

The main advantage you will have from studying here is that you will get the chance to learn from the best professionals in each field and practice your skills and knowledge in labs and practice facilities that are unique in this area.

Courses Offered

The Welding program is very high-quality and it will offer you an independent and high-paid career in a matter of months.

For the certificate in Welding Technology, the student must complete a minimum of 59 credit hours, that is, 53 in technical courses and 6 in general education courses, all of which must be approved by the advisor.

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AddressAddress: 1001 George Wallace Dr Gadsden, AL 35903

Bevill State Community College

About the School

Modern and with some of the most interesting and successful programs in the state of Alabama, Bevill State Community College is here to fulfill all your career dreams.

The college is recognized all over the country for its amazing educators and teachers that are constantly trained to give the students the best education and wonderful college experience.

Courses Offered

The Welding program can be done in a short-term or long-term certificate program and it takes just a few semesters to complete.

The majority of graduates from the Bevill State Welding Technology program move into the field as technicians with particular areas of expertise.

Among the various occupations our graduates are qualified to seek are welders in various occupational fields, welder’s helpers, flame cutters, and pipe welders.

At the end of your program, you will be able to earn 15 USD/hour and then earn up to 50 USD/hour.

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AddressAddress: 1411 Indiana Avenue Jasper, AL 35501

Northwest-Shoals Community College

About the School

Northwest-Shoals Community College is one of the warmest and most welcoming places to start your studies.

The college constantly fights to provide its students with the best educators, materials, dorms, and opportunities.

The programs are tailored with the help of the best educational experts and taking the feedback of alumni into consideration.

Courses Offered

Welding students are trained to use electricity to design, dismantle, and construct a wide range of projects.

NCCER certified instructors prepare their students to use advanced welding techniques and equipment to join, cut, bend, and manipulate metal for industrial or artistic applications.

Students have the ability to become certified by the American Welding Society.

Students learn to work independently and in teams in this high-skill, high-wage field to better prepare for the workforce.

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AddressAddress: 800 George Wallace Blvd Muscle Shoals, AL 35661

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