3 Welding Schools in Hartford, Connecticut

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Hartford is a vibrant, dynamic, and beautiful city to live and work in Connecticut.

The city has a very stable economy that continues to expand each year, offering great jobs.

The schools and colleges are awesome and you will easily find the perfect program for the dream career.

Welders annual average salary in Connecticut is $46,150 - ABOVE U.S. AVERAGE!

Connecticut Technical High School System

About the School

Connecticut Technical High School System dedicated all its time and effort to provide the best technical education and training and to transform each student that comes to this school into a professional.

The training at this school can start even from high-school and it will give you an excellent launching platform for all your dreams and plans.

Courses Offered

The welding program is part of the metal industry portfolio and it is an amazing choice in terms of job opportunities.

The program has both practice and theory integrated and it will give you all techniques, skills and knowledge to start a career.

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AddressAddress: 431 Minor Street Bristol, CT 06010

Connecticut State Colleges and Universities

About the School

At Connecticut State Colleges and Universities you will discover the most advanced technology and the most modern curriculum in the whole area.

This educational system is well-known in the state for its great diversity and for the fact that it guides the students from the moment they select the program up to the first day of work.

In addition, the school can assist you with financial planning.

Courses Offered

The vocational programs are excellent and the welding class is very popular thanks to the fact that it provides a high-paid job.

The trainers are experts in each of the welding techniques and they will quickly turn you into a great professional.

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AddressAddress: 170 Elm St Enfield, CT 06082

Advanced Welding Institute

About the School

The Advanced Welding Institute is the ultimate place in the whole country to start a career in this industry.

The institute has multiple accreditations to prove its high-quality education and training and all the trainers and teachers are active or retired professionals from the welding industry.

Come and start a new skilled trade career with Advanced Welding!

Courses Offered

The welding program comes in different educational levels and the school year starts every March.

The intensive and integrative program will provide you all the needed tricks, techniques, and knowledge to leave this school like an absolute professional.

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AddressAddress: 2 Green Tree Dr Ste 3 South Burlington, VT 06716

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