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With an amazing atmosphere and beautiful vibe, Knoxville is an excellent place to live and work.

The city has one of the strongest economies in Tennessee, offering some of the best jobs in the state.

The educational system is amazing and you will quickly find the perfect program for your needs.

Welders annual average salary in Tennessee is $35,916 - ABOVE U.S. AVERAGE!

Tennessee College of Applied Technology

About the School

Tennessee College of Applied Technology is a very large educational system that provides a very high-level and customized education.

The colleges can be found all over the state and the quality of education and materials are constant.

You will find the teachers, curriculum, and teaching strategy of the college key for your future.

Courses Offered

The Welding Technology program prepares the student for certification in a variety of welding techniques and processes.

Students begin doing basic welding beads and progress step-by-step to achieve the final goal of pipe welding.

Progression is monitored and mastery of each technique is achieved by a combination of classroom, individual, and text book instruction.

Graduates of the Welding program will be able to demonstrate competencies in flame cutting, electric ARC welding, gas tungsten, gas metal ARC welding, and flux-cored ARC welding processes.

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AddressAddress: 1100 Liberty Street Knoxville, TN 37919

North Carolina Community Colleges

About the School

North Carolina Community Colleges are an excellent educational system that is stretched out all over the state.

The colleges provide equal quality all over the campuses and facilities and you will benefit from one of the most modern curriculums and materials.

The teachers are very well-trained and they will assist you at every single step.

Courses Offered

The Welding Technology curriculum provides students with a sound understanding of the science, technology, and applications essential for successful employment in the welding and metalworking industry.

Instruction includes consumable and non-consumable electrode welding and cutting processes.

Courses may include math, print reading, metallurgy, welding inspection, and destructive and non-destructive testing providing the student
with industry-standard skills developed through classroom training and practical application.

Graduates of the Welding Technology curriculum may be employed as entry-level technicians in welding and metalworking industries.

Career opportunities also exist in construction, manufacturing, fabrication, sales, quality control, supervision, and welding-related self-employment.

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AddressAddress: 447 College Dr Sylva, NC 28779

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