Best Welding Goggles

Eye protection is a must when you perform any welding work.

The spatters and intense glare can severely damage your eyes.

That is why you should never forget your goggles.

This list will help you to pick the best goggles for welding tasks.

The models are durable and highly protective, so let’s go straight to the best goggles reviews!

Highest Rated Best Welding Goggles (by Customer Reviews)

Sellstrom S80210 Odyssey II:
Sellstrom S80210 Odyssey II:See prices on
KwikSafety Hammerhead Industrial Welding Goggles
KwikSafety Hammerhead Industrial Welding GogglesSee prices on
Hobart 770095 Welding Oxy-Acetylene Goggle
Hobart 770095 Welding Oxy-Acetylene GoggleSee prices on
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Sellstrom S80210 Odyssey II:

Sellstrom S80210 Odyssey II:
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The goggles from Sellstorm are comfortable and quality.

These will last you a long time and they come with an affordable price tag.

The goggles are made from plastic straps and they feature polycarbonate lenses.

The lenses are shade 5, and protect your eyes from UV rays and infrared light.

Additionally, the lenses have vents that will keep fogging at bay.

Overall, these are excellent goggles, inexpensive and durable.

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  • You can wear them over your prescription glasses
  • Suitable for hobbyists and professionals
  • Versatile and comfortable
  • Have a snug fit and seal with the vents, don’t feel constricting
  • Flexible enough
  • Never fog up
  • The goggles protect you against chemicals as well


  • The shade 5 isn’t sufficient for arc welding but can be replaced
Michael's TakeMichael's Take

If you are looking for versatile goggles that will feel comfortable after hours of use, these Sellstrom goggles are just the right model for you.

The price, the design, the comfort – it is all top-notch!

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KwikSafety Hammerhead Industrial Welding Goggles

KwikSafety Hammerhead Industrial Welding Goggles
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The KwikSafety Hammerhead goggles are professional goggles of high-quality and with extreme durability.

They protect your eyes from UV radiation, and they have lenses in the shade five.

The frame of the eyes is made from PVC material for improved durability.

Moreover, the lenses are clear, so the glasses can be used for everyday work as well, and not only welding.

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  • Have a flip-up front for a simplified switch from shaded to non-shaded lenses
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for professional use and hobbyists
  • Quality flip-up hinges
  • Suitable for plasma jat welding, brazing, soldering, sandblasting, landscaping, etc.
  • Comfortable
  • Wide lenses
  • Can be worn over prescription glasses
  • Have indirect vents


  • Replacing the lenses can be tricky
Michael's TakeMichael's Take

The KwickSafety goggles with the flip-up design are professional lenses used by a variety of workers.

They are versatile and very comfortable.

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Hobart 770095 Welding Oxy-Acetylene Goggle

Hobart 770095 Welding Oxy-Acetylene Goggle
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The Hobart goggles are similar to the KwickSafety model, but they are more reliable and durable.

The goggles have lenses in shade #5, which makes them suitable for oxy-acetylene welding.

They have a large, 2 x 4.24-inch field of vision.

Additionally, the goggles are well-built and have thermoplastic polyurethane construction.

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  • Provide superb protection
  • You can swap lenses easily for overhead welding or whenever you need a darker shade
  • Fit with the prescription glasses
  • Comfortable for wearing long hours
  • Budget-friendly
  • Have a flip-up feature
  • Wide elastic band
  • Sturdy and durable flip-up hinges
  • Lightweight


  • Don’t have a tight seal
Michael's TakeMichael's Take

Hobart makes excellent welding equipment, and these goggles are just remarkable.

They have an affordable price tag and a variety of convenient and protective features.

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Best Welding Goggles Buying Guide

Eye injuries can be irreversible, so it is crucial to protect the eyes whenever you are performing any welding work.

Let’s have a quick overlook of the most important factors you need to consider when buying welding goggles.


You can find welding goggles of different styles on the market.

For example, there are flip-up models, laboratory-style goggles, and steampunk models as well.

The choice depends on your personal preferences, but your work as well.

Flip-up goggles are quite useful for those who want to have the ability to check their work without having to remove the goggles completely.


The shade level determines if the goggles are safe for your specific type of work.

The majority of welding goggles come to the lenses in the shade five, but it might not be suitable for arc welding.

If you do arc welding, you might need something more protective or an additional pair of lenses in a different shade.

Also, it is important to get the goggles that aren’t complex for lenses replacing.


Workers who weld for long hours need comfortable goggles.

Additionally, indirect vents are quite useful because they help the heat to dissipate and prevent fogging and discomfort in the summer months.

Frame materials also need to be comfortable.

For example, the proper seal is recommended, because in that case, the goggles won’t slide off your skin or scratch your face.

The straps need to be adjustable, so the goggles will offer a custom fit.


When buying welding goggles, get the model made from durable plastic materials.

The goggles will be exposed to the intense heat, so the frame needs to be heat resistant.

Additionally, the best goggles come with scratch-resistant lenses.

Frequently Asked Questions About Welding Goggles

If you are still wondering which goggles to get, let’s answer the most commonly asked questions about the goggles.

Hopefully, it will help you decide easier.

How Can I Protect My Eyes from Welding?

Wearing safety goggles is one way to protect your eyes from welding glare.

Additionally, wearing a welding mask also protect you from glare and sparks.

Does Welding Affect Your Eyes?

Welding affects your eyes in several ways.

Some welders have developed a condition – photokeratitis, due to prolonged exposure to the glare of welding.

It is because their eyes were exposed to UV radiation.

Also, severe injuries include eye burns and permanent blindness.

Some welders also experience discomfort, pain, gruffly filling, and light sensitivity.

How Long Does Arc Eye Last?

Arc eye or welder’s flash can last several hours, or in more severe cases, several days.

Sometimes, the eye needs two or three days for the damaged cornea to regenerate itself.

Commonly, it won’t leave any scar, but without proper treatment, you can get an eye infection.


One of the best ways to pick suitable welding glasses is to read reviews of the most popular models on the market.

Refer to the list for top-notch models, and find your top pick welding goggles that will keep your eyes safe.

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