2 Welding Schools in Augusta, Georgia

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Located in a gorgeous area and with an amazing atmosphere, Augusta is a great place to be.

The city has a clooming economy that constantly provides great jobs and opportunities.

The school system is excellent and you will quickly find the perfect program for your dreams.

Welders annual average salary in Georgia is $38,150 - ABOVE U.S. AVERAGE!

Technical College System of Georgia

About the School

Large and full of opportunities, the Technical College System of Georgia is among the most famous places to start your education.

The school has a very large campus where you will develop new skills and forge new friendships.

The main goal of the teaching board is to make you a professional in the shortest time possible and to give you a new future.

Courses Offered

The welding program is a very wise choice and it provides a high-paid job.

It has different levels of schooling from certificate level to degree and the college will also assist you with finding a job.

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AddressAddress: 3200 Augusta Tech Drive Augusta, GA 30906

South Carolina Technical College

About the School

South Carolina Technical College is one of the largest technical schools in the whole country.

The college is renowned for its professional and future-oriented teachers and for the cutting-edge technology in the labs and practice facilities.

They will make sure that all your requests are fulfilled and that you will leave the school with a brand new career path.

Courses Offered

The welding program is excellent and it will bring you one of the top-paid jobs in the technology field.

With the help of educators, you will learn the newest technologies and how to do any project by yourself.

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AddressAddress: 620 North Emerald Road Greenwood, SC 29646

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