3 Welding Schools in Virginia Beach, Virginia

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Virginia Beach is one of the most beautiful and popular cities in the whole state of Virginia.

The economy and business of this sector are amazing and they provide great jobs.

The city has a great educational system that offers you many great programs and classes.

Welders annual average salary in Virginia is $38,984 - ABOVE U.S. AVERAGE!

Advanced Technology Institute

About the School

At Advanced Technology Institute you will find the best resources, materials, and curriculum in the whole state of Virginia.

The programs are tailored with the help of alumni, educational professionals, and experts from each technology field to provide you the best education and growth.

You will also have an amazing campus to relax after your studies and make new friends.

Courses Offered

The Maritime Welding Technology diploma program offers training in the practical aspects of construction and repair of equipment and structures built with steel.

In addition to structural skills, students will learn to weld pipe in multiple positions.

Instruction is presented in both classroom and laboratory using modern welding equipment and tools.

Students gain hands-on experience in a realistic shop setting where they must demonstrate specific proficiencies.

Emphasis is placed on safety and standard procedures followed in shipyards and repair facilities.

This program prepares students for entry-level employment as a combination structural and pipe welder.

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AddressAddress: 5700 Southern Blvd Ste 100 Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Virginia Community College

About the School

Virginia Community College is an amazing educational facility that provides a multitude of technical and vocational programs that were developed with the help of professionals from the industry, educational experts, and the excellent educational board.

The trainers, professors, and teachers are extremely well-trained and they will assist you with everything you need.

Courses Offered

The welding program is well-structured and it will quickly introduce you to this amazing field and teach everything about techniques, skills, knowledge, and safety.

Students will learn all types of equipment and assembly of units.

The course also stresses welding procedures such as fusion, non-fusion, and cutting oxyacetylene.

Students are introduced to arc welding and plasma arc cutting.

It also emphasizes procedures in the use of tools and equipment.

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AddressAddress: 12745 College Drive Glenns, VA 23149

North Carolina Community Colleges

About the School

North Carolina Community College provides the best educators, programs, and teaching strategy that will transform all your career dreams into a true job.

The main advantage you will get from coming to this school is the extended knowledge and experience of the educators and their amazing teaching techniques and strategy.

Courses Offered

An excellent vocational choice is the welding program.

In just a few short months you will be delivered all the needed skills and knowledge to get an amazing job in one of the hottest industries.

Comprehensive welding courses delve into blueprint reading, metallurgy, and specific welding processes such as SMAW (stick), GMAW (MIG), and GTAW (TIG).

Complete the program and you’ll be well-prepared to earn various industry-specific certifications.

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AddressAddress: 109 Community College Rd Ahoskie, NC 27910

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